1 Chronicles 7

1 Chronicles 7

1 Chronicles 7:1-40

SUMMARYTrue value

OVERVIEWMany tribes are listed, including the mighty sons of Asher. But in Luke 2, Luke identifies Anna, a descendant from the tribe of Asher, as a woman who worshipped night and day and recognized Jesus as Messiah.

BIG IDEAThe most valuable thing you can do today is to pursue Jesus.

KEY VERSE1 Chronicles 7:40 (descendants of Asher)
Each of these descendants of Asher was the head of an ancestral clan. They were all select men—mighty warriors and outstanding leaders. The total number of men available for military service was 26,000, as listed in their genealogical records.

It might be tempting to skim through chapters like these, seemingly listing nothing but names and generations of family members. Don’t ignore them. Enjoy them. They might not be as dramatic as other portions, but these names connect the dots throughout history and ultimately point to humanity’s sin and the solution found in Jesus. These names verify your faith. Being in a relationship with me is not some hoax. I am real, and I have waited for years for this moment to tell you how valuable you are to me.

Don’t minimize what Jesus did. His sacrifice on the cross illustrates his love and commitment. And of all that I could share with you, I want you to know that your time in my word and our time together in prayer have immense value. The greatest thing you can do each day is to pursue Jesus. He is at work in your life and those around you. Find how he is working and join him. I love you and want you to experience a full life.

At the top of each hour you’re awake, stop what you’re doing and pray, “Here I am, Jesus. Open my eyes and help me see you and what you’re doing. Give me the courage and determination to follow you.” Pause and discipline yourself throughout the day to look for and listen to Jesus. You may be surprised at how he is working.