1 Chronicles 6

1 Chronicles 6

1 Chronicles 6:1-81

SUMMARYLevi’s sons

OVERVIEWThe chronicler provides a list of the Levites and priests, their temple responsibilities, and their land.

BIG IDEAShare your gifts and talents as a form of worship.

KEY VERSE1 Chronicles 6:32 (the temple musicians)
They ministered with music at the Tabernacle until Solomon built the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem. They carried out their work, following all the regulations handed down to them.

I have given you and every one of my children gifts to strengthen the church and the world. Some serve in public and others behind-the-scenes; some use their hands and others their intellect; some are highly trained, and others love as few can. But you are incredible. I love so much about you and want others to know you, as well. Don’t shrink back or wait for “someone else” to do it. Your time is now.

You may not feel qualified or think you have any room in your schedule, but don’t worry about that. Step out in faith. You will improve with practice, and I will help you manage time. You will become more productive or learn how to say “no” to some of your other commitments. Don’t hoard or hide your gifts; I gave them to you to share and serve others. And when you use them, you will find joy, freedom, and fun.

Are you currently serving in your local church? If not, now is a great time to begin. Find out how you can start. If you are already part of a team, evaluate how it’s going. Is it time for a new role, further commitment, or are you in the right spot? Regardless, text or call your ministry leader and encourage him or her.