1 Chronicles 3

1 Chronicles 3

1 Chronicles 3:1-24

SUMMARYDavid’s sons

OVERVIEW: David’s descendants are listed.

BIG IDEAPray for your family members to live for Jesus for generations.

KEY VERSE2 Samuel 7:16 (the line of the Messiah comes through King David)
Your house and your kingdom will continue before me for all time, and your throne will be secure forever.

If you want to see your child or close family member grow in their relationship with me, it will cost you. It will be an investment of time and energy, but it will be the best use of your time. The most valuable thing you can do is to pray faithfully. Your best efforts cannot match my care, and despite your immense love for your child or family member, I love them more. So let’s do this together. Pray, love, and invest.

But you have to leave the results to me. Regardless of how much you do and care, the other person is not a robot. He or she will not live according to your programming or intentions. They are individuals, and they need to develop faith on their own. Let go and allow them to fail, if necessary. Let them walk on their own and make independent decisions. Be there to coach and provide feedback, if requested, but continue to pray and trust me. Remember, I love them more than you ever will, and I want them to follow me so they can make the most of their lives. Keep praying. I am with them always.

Pray regularly for your family members and your closest ones by name and in specific ways. Discuss prayer requests with them, if they allow, and reach out to get regular updates. Encourage your family by reminding them that you are praying—but make sure you pray if you tell them!