1 Chronicles 26

1 Chronicles 26

1 Chronicles 26:1-32


OVERVIEWEvery job connected with the temple had value. The gatekeepers communicated the limits of holiness. Anyone unlawfully entering the sanctuary would be killed (Numbers 3:10).

BIG IDEABe holy, for God is holy.

KEY VERSELeviticus 20:26 (God to Israel)
You must be holy because I, the Lord, am holy. I have set you apart from all other people to be my very own.

I want my holiness to humble you and inspire you simultaneously. I want it to humble you so that you realize we are not the same. I made you in my image, and we share attributes that allow us, for example, to love, show wisdom, and have knowledge. Of course, I do those things entirely while your expression is limited, but that is OK because we are different. But I want my holiness to inspire you to live for me. Make choices based on what is good, right, and holy.

In the same way, live for me and serve me with joy and excellence because I am worthy of being served. No ministry role is insignificant. Fulfill your purpose with energy and passion. What you do matters. Don’t allow anyone to steal your joy for serving. If you serve me because you love me and as an act of worship, that is more significant than a public figure doing so without thought or care. Be holy as I am holy. Serve me with excellence because I am worthy.

Think through your day. Is there a habit that leads you to sin? A place you should not go? A person you should avoid? Ask God for both wisdom and courage to help you avoid those things. Ask a friend for help, too.