1 Chronicles 23

1 Chronicles 23

1 Chronicles 23:1-32


OVERVIEWDavid counted the Levites and separated them into divisions corresponding to the sons of Levi.

BIG IDEAPut together a plan and a team to work the plan.

KEY VERSE1 Chronicles 23:30–31 (some of the responsibilities of the Levites)
And each morning and evening they stood before the Lord to sing songs of thanks and praise to him. They assisted with the burnt offerings that were presented to the Lord on Sabbath days, at new moon celebrations, and at all the appointed festivals. The required number of Levites served in the Lord’s presence at all times, following all the procedures they had been given.

I want you to look at everyone you see today in a new way. And I don’t just mean those you know and care about, but strangers you pass as you walk or drive. Each person you see has value, and I have given each one gifts and capabilities to serve me and the world. Get to know others’ strengths and abilities. Utilize them in ways that honor them and improve your projects. You are stronger when you’re united and functioning in harmony.

Make it a goal to include everyone in what you do at school, work, or church. Don’t let anyone sit idly both. Ask them questions and find out what excites them and what kinds of experiences they have. In the same way, don’t discount your skills or your resume. Serve with joy and enthusiasm. Be a team player, but speak up when you want a more significant role. Make yourself available, and then humbly serve wherever you are needed.

Identify 3-4 people you see each day and get to know them. Do they like to create things with their hands? Do they prefer to write or draw? Are they musical? Take an interest in their creative work and see if they have samples you can see or hear.