1 Chronicles 21

1 Chronicles 21

1 Chronicles 21:1-30

SUMMARYChallenge appropriately

OVERVIEWJoab respectfully challenges David’s decision, knowing David is not acting wisely. While it’s important to respect authority figures, we must be ready to challenge them appropriately when necessary.

BIG IDEASpeak up for what’s right, even when it’s awkward or inconvenient.

KEY VERSE1 Chronicles 21:3 (Joab to David)
But Joab replied, “May the Lord increase the number of his people a hundred times over! But why, my lord the king, do you want to do this? Are they not all your servants? Why must you cause Israel to sin?”

You will not always agree with those you love, those you work for, or the authority figures in your life. That is not a bad thing. Differences can educate and unite as you first seek to understand and then respectfully express any disagreement. Keep me foremost in your heart and mind as you listen and discuss. Ask me to fill and control you with the Spirit. That will keep you humble, compassionate, and courageous. 

Humility, courage, and compassion will make a difference in your relationships and conversations. They are signs of healthy, faith-filled followers who are not afraid of others yet still fear me. I will lead you, but the enemy will try to deceive you. Learn to discern my voice from any other, and be ready to step out in faith. I may prompt you to address someone directly or confront a friend or family member who will need your help to do the same. Continue to seek me today. I will speak in a variety of ways.

Have you avoided an awkward conversation because you feared the discomfort or the result? Pray and seek counsel from someone who is usually skilled in these situations. Ask for tips, and then prayerfully go for it.