1 Chronicles 20

1 Chronicles 20

1 Chronicles 20:1-8


OVERVIEWAs Israel continued to battles the Philistines, they faced giants, including Goliath’s brother and a man with twenty-four fingers and toes.

BIG IDEAYou can live with no fear when you follow God.

KEY VERSERomans 8:31 (the Apostle Paul’s reminder)
What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us?

This whole book is about me. The chronicler wrote it so that Israel would remember that they will power and blessing through faithfulness to me. Israel’s best future depended on living for me and remembering who I am and that they could count on me. It is the same for you. You do not have to live in fear nor be anxious about anything. As you read the Bible, I want you to know that I love you, I am with you, and I am more powerful than any fear or foe.

Don’t let anyone or anything slow you down except my Spirit. But when the Spirit nudges you forward, follow enthusiastically. I am not leading you blindly—I see all. I am not asking you to go alone—I am with you. Let today be one that you remember for years—one that you tell stories about—as the day you said “no” to fear and “yes” to trusting me.

Who or what makes you nervous? (There’s likely something that causes you to “pause.”) Recognize that whatever it is cannot defeat God. Ask God to remind you of this truth regularly, particularly when confronting your fear. Pray that you would fear God more than whatever you listed.