1 Chronicles 15

1 Chronicles 15

1 Chronicles 15:1-29

SUMMARYGod’s plan

OVERVIEWDavid follows biblical instruction in moving the ark into Jerusalem. He was successful, but that didn’t mean he was without opposition.

BIG IDEAFollowing God’s plan may frustrate others.

KEY VERSE1 Chronicles 15:25 (Preparing to move the ark to Jerusalem)
Then David and the elders of Israel and the generals of the army went to the house of Obed-edom to bring the Ark of the Lord’s Covenant up to Jerusalem with a great celebration.

Yes, there will be challenges and frustrations in life. Don’t let those surprise you. Jesus said you would have many trials and sorrows, but he also reminded you that he had overcome the world (John 16:33). So don’t look or sound or feel defeated. Live with hope and expectancy. Let your eyes and words and spirit be optimistic. Get ready for me to provide. Get set to tell others what I have done.

The world ignores my presence and explains away my provision. But I continue to give reasons to believe. Let’s compare my activity in your life. Count the ways I have let you down. You won’t find any. Sure, there are plenty of times I did not come through the way you wanted me to, but I gave you exactly what you needed. And if you did chronicle every answer to prayer and gift from me, you would not have enough paper or space on your hard drive. I love you, and I always guide you. Follow me and experience a life of joy and impact.

Identify a small group of 2-4 others who are committed to seeking God and following him. Covenant to pray, be available, and give counsel to one another so that you honor God with your lives individually and collectively.