1 Chronicles 13

1 Chronicles 13

1 Chronicles 13:1-14

SUMMARYFollow instructions

OVERVIEWDavid had a good idea but did not follow instructions on how to move the Ark. As a result, Uzzah died.

BIG IDEASeek God and godly counsel to live a life of faith.

KEY VERSEExodus 25:12–14 (instructions on moving the Ark)
Cast four gold rings and attach them to its four feet, two rings on each side. Make poles from acacia wood, and overlay them with gold. Insert the poles into the rings at the sides of the Ark to carry it.

Don’t get caught up in the well-wishes and enthusiasm of others without first seeking me. Sometimes the directions you need are written in black-and-white or easily accessible from a Christian leader or friend you respect. Slow down and call on me. Pause and reach out to a friend. I want you to follow me, but you need to hear from me to do so. And you won’t be able to hear from me if you aren’t listening.

And my holiness is a big deal. I provided vivid examples throughout the Bible—those should be enough to get your attention. But if you disregard or disrespect me, there will be consequences. I warn you because I care for you. I am accessible to you, and I am your Heavenly Father who loves you. But I am also the living God—creator of the universe. Be holy for I am holy. Show me respect and submit to my leadership, and I will bless you.

Before making a big decision, pray, and seek godly counsel. Don’t be satisfied with others’ enthusiasm without first waiting to hear from God.