1 Chronicles 12

1 Chronicles 12

1 Chronicles 12:1-40

SUMMARYDavid’s army

OVERVIEWStrong, capable leaders come alongside David to serve him. These men were loyal, fearless, equipped, and “understood the times” (verse 32).

BIG IDEASeek God and study the culture to discern what to do.

KEY VERSE1 Chronicles 12:32 (warriors join David’s army)
From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.

I have incredible plans for the world, and I want you to be part of making it happen. I invite you to my team. I will equip and empower you, but I need you to step out in faith and be willing to grow and develop your gifts and abilities. I have given you a spiritual gift, but don’t let it sit dormant. Exercise it. Learn all you can about it and how to grow and develop it.

The men from Issachar were wise. They studied the culture. They understood the signs of the time and could formulate an effective plan to achieve their goals. I want you to spend time with me. Continue to read my word—as you did today—and engage with those in your world. Ask the right questions to discern others’ needs so that you can best communicate my love for them and my plan for the world.

Is there a class at church (or online) that interests you and will develop your skills and gifts for God? Get equipped to serve God so that you are always ready to step out in faith.