1 Chronicles 10

1 Chronicles 10:1-14

SUMMARYBad epitaph

OVERVIEWSaul’s tragic life.

BIG IDEAFinish strong.

KEY VERSE1 Chronicles 10:13–14 (Saul’s sad obituary)
So Saul died because he was unfaithful to the Lord. He failed to obey the Lord’s command, and he even consulted a medium instead of asking the Lord for guidance. So the Lord killed him and turned the kingdom over to David son of Jesse.

Be faithful today, and seek me in all things. Don’t just look to me when you’re in crisis or confused. Look to me when all is calm or when there’s reason to celebrate. I’m not asking for your attention because I need it. I’m reminding you that I am the source of life and knowledge, and I am your heavenly father who loves you. Seek me because I care and want you to be all you can be.

I loved your enthusiasm and passion for me when you first came to faith. It was electric and motivated others to follow me, too—or at least inquire about me. It’s challenging to sustain that kind of intensity, and that’s why moments of quiet reflection are valuable. It keeps you centered and reminds you to slow down and follow me. It’s always tempting to run ahead of me and hope that I bless you. But let’s reverse that: if you want my blessing, follow me today and for the rest of your life.

Renew your faith today and every day. Take time to recommit to God and be a listener and a seeker. Be still and remember who God is. He is not a good luck charm, but he is the almighty who is with you and loves you today and every day.