30-Day Next Step Challenge. Day 10

Welcome to Day 10 of the Next Step Challenge

Ever experience something and later wonder, “What was the Big Idea after all?” Well, that’s exactly what we need to know every time we read or listen to God’s word. If we set aside time – regardless of the length – to spend with God, don’t walk away until you synthesize a thought or action to encapsulate that time.


This is a foundational element of your being able to stay engaged with God’s word all day long. It will also shape how you think and what you think about throughout your day.

So What?

Our mind is capable of distracting us and replaying those “vain regrets” (Day 4), but let’s feed it with fuel that will strengthen us and shape not only how we think about God, but how we view other people and circumstances in our day.

What’s the Day 10 Challenge?

Write a Big Idea.

Examples included in today’s video! View all posts at The Hub.

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